Introduction: How to Modify a Camping Grill With Side Burner

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 When i met my now wife Melissa , She had this portable camping gas grill in her shed . I remember i kept complimenting on how well built this grill was. Heavy duty steel was used for the base and a stainless steel top. We took in on a camping trip with us . I remember how disappointed i was by how long it took to cook a hamburger . All i could do was stare at it in disbelief.So that got me thinking ! My wife goes now what  i can  see your  head spinning !!!  Well  This is what i came up with and I'm very pleased with the outcome...

Step 1: Original Camping Grill

 This is the way the grill originally looked  as i found it . Just your standard camping grill with  your side bottle propane mount .  I still cant believe how heavy duty the grill grate was compared to normal grills . The only bad part of this whole grill was that  the burner was terrible . It took  30 minutes  just to cook a hamburger!!!

Step 2: Recycled Parts

Our everyday grill finally rotted out so i saved the side burner , both propane valves and line, the front valve plate and electronic starter .

Step 3: Disassembling the Original Grill

I unscrewed the bracket from the propane valve from the grill and then unscrewed the valve from the burner.

Step 4: New Burner

I purchased a new duel burner from walmart  for $25.00.  I assembled the brackets for sitting on the bottom of the grill and mounted the fuel hoses are bendable . It didn't come with a  electronic starter so i cut one out a old burner i had from a cheap mini camping grill i had laying around and mounted it to the new burner.

Step 5: Installing New Burner

I drilled  (2)  1  inch holes in the bottom of the grill  to push the fuel tubes through the holes so the burner would sit flat on the bottom.

Step 6: Fuel Valve Support and Face Plate

 I used  1/2  inch square stock for the  faceplate support.   The original  faceplate was to long so i cut it down to fit that size grill. I  then used  1 1/2 angle iron to fabricate 2 support brackets  to help hold the weight of the facial and fuel valve rail and 2 valves.  

Step 7: Side Burner Bracket

To make the side burner work i needed to  first  make it smaller and second i had to fabricate a bracket to hold it . To make it smaller  i unscrewed the burner plate and burner from the  bulky framework.
  I then made a square frame out of the same 1/2 inch square stock. I then screwed the frame to the side of the  grill.  I then  made some frame supports for the burner so  it could handle the weight of the burner and  a pot of water or anything  else you would cook on a side burner .

Step 8: Finished

  I then cut the side burner facial and mounted the fuel valve and then i was finished..