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Introduction: Camping Slingshot Fishing Bow

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This project is to show how to make a sligshot, into a fishing bow. I take this when i go kayak fishing if im not catching much its fun to shoot carp or an occasional bass.

Items needed

slingshot, walmart or amazon



bracket, lowes

screw with washer


thread lock


whisker biscuit- amazon



Step 1:

items layed out

Step 2:

take a drill, make hole in bottom of whisker biscuit wider. Pull stabelizer off slingshot and slide whisker on. at this point you can screw it on. I opted for electrical tape in case i want to take it off for regular slingshot n.

Step 3:

next take a drill widen bracket hole enough for reel bolt to slide through. Predrill the bottom of the sling shot handle. Screw on bracket, and thread the reel bolt through. Put thread lock on reel bolt tighten both nuts firmly together. Wrap line around reel, tie n it to the hole.

Step 4:

at the end of the fishing line attach a quick connect loop it through the fishing arrow. I put a paracord loop through the sling to knock the arrow and on the back i can use a caliper release, which really ups your accuracy. There you have it, a fishing sling shot for under 60$. Have fun!!!

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7 years ago on Introduction

very nice!

is that the zombie slingshot from walmart? mine is, i have been meaning to get a biscuit rest for mine so that i could shoot arows, anyhow, great idea, thank you