Campsite Salad Nicoise




Introduction: Campsite Salad Nicoise

When you are on holiday you want simple but tasty dishes that are simple to make and do not create a pile of washing up.

My take on Salad Nicoise meets these requirements and satisfies the non-salad members of the household.

Step 1: Ingredients . . .

The following ingredients go into this salad:

lettice leaves
spring onions / scallions
french beans
lemon juice

Step 2: The Cooking . . .

Put a pan of water on a burner and start bringing it to the boil.

Dice some potatoes into approximately 20mm cubes and place in the pan. Salad potatoes are best but you are camping so use whatever is available.

Now top and tail the French beans to remove the ends before dropping those into the same pan.

Finally when the water begins to boil you can carefully place one egg per person into the pan. If your eggs are dirty or you are unhappy just dropping the eggs in then give them a clean under a tap beforehand.

After ten minutes or so, the potatoes should be cooked and you can drain the pan.

Step 3: Assembly . . .

Line a bowl with lettice leaves and the tear up and remaining leaves into the bottom.

Then add chopped cucumber and sliced onions before including the cooked potatoes and French beans.

Take the shells off the eggs, cut in half and place on top of everything else.

Now we come to what, for me, defines the Salad Nicoise and that is anchovies laid thickly at the very top along with olives.

However having said that, I have had it and got tuna instead of anchovies and when I queried it I got told by Chef that this is the way they do it in Belgium!!!!!!! Won't be going there then ?

The dressing is the oil from the anchovies with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Grub's up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Variations . . .

As I alluded to in a prior step, there are many variations and each bring their own something to this dish.

Personal favourites are:

tinned tuna
salty parma ham
Roquefort cheese

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