Introduction: Can Can Tool Container

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I made it at Techshop.


Not one to throw things away - combining this with a need for small containers for tools; I came up with the Can Can tool container.  I am making a few containers to fit my needle files.


Step 1: Cut the Cans

You will need two cans to produce one tool container. I use metal non recyclable thin wall cans. In this instructables I am using small juice pop top type cans.

The thin wall allows me to use a razor blade to ruff cut to size. I oversize both halves because I can just push the two together further if needed.

Step 2: Remove Razor Cut Burrs

The razor blade leaves a ruff burred edge.  I use standard scissors to cut the rim to a smooth finish.  The trick is not to stop your scissor cut until you reach the starting point.  If you stop your scissor cut, you typically create a burr. If this happens  just stop and start again just below your original point.   A light emery cloth sanding around the edge will remove any remaining burrs.

Step 3: Crimp the Can

One can will need to be crimped.  Crimping will allow the two cans to slip together.  Pictured is a pair of 5 blade duct pliers.  Needle nose pliers will also work by pinching the metal and twisting. 

Step 4: Finished Crimped Can

Pictured is the finished crimped can.  The other can will only require having the edge smoothed by using the scissors and a light emery sanding.

Step 5: Just Add Tools

Finished top and bottom…. just add tools.