Can I Sew a Bike Jersey?




Introduction: Can I Sew a Bike Jersey?


This is my first project in instructables.I sew lots of things but this is very special for me.

I love cycling and I think this for many monhts.Finally I decided to sew a jersey and I made it :)

Step 1:

First, this is an old dress :)

I used them in this project.

Step 2:

I ironed it.

Step 3:

I have a bike jersey.I patterned it and I used this 4 pattern parts.I cut my fabric,

Step 4:

I used 2 zip, one of them is in back and other one is in front of this jersey.

Step 5:

I added a pocket in back.

Step 6:

Finally My New Jersey :)) It was hard, because of the first.

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