Introduction: Can Man

materials 1 Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

2 56 Pop cans

3 Electrical tape

4 Something to cut cans with

Step 1: The Feet

First you are going to cut two holes in the can so that it is flat and make sure to cut off the top of the can so that you can make it 2 cans wide. Then take another can and cut it in half and save the other half for the other foot now glue the full can and the half can to two cans that you do not do anything two so that it looks like the picture . Now take one can and cut the top and the bottom off of it then cut it in half so that the can folds out into a flat surface and glue that two the bottom part that you just glued together .Now do this over again so that you have both feet

Step 2: The Legs

So now that you have the feet you are going to glue 6 cans to the feet three one each can on the feet. On the top two cans you are going to cut one hole the size of a can in both of the top cans so that you can make the waist in the next step. Do not forget to do this step twice so that you can make both legs.

Step 3: The Waist

So now that you have the legs you are going two cut two cans in half to make the legs and waist connect this also makes the waist like the legs with two cans in width. After you insert one half in to the holes you will need to put some glue around the edges of the half can and the whole to make the half can stay there after you do that you will take 2 full can and glue them to the first half cans that is in the whole. After that you will glue the other half of the cans onto the full cans and glue them together. After that you take the other leg with the wholes and put the half cans that are not in a hole in a hole and secure it with glue

Step 4: The Body

So now that you have the waist done you can work on the body now this step is simple so to start you will cut a can in half completely you will do this twice so that all of the cans a even and not wonky these cans will go on the ends make sure to glue them to the cans that they are resting on with two complete cans in the middle glued to the end cans. So for the next two rows you are just going to glue 4 cans to the top of the cans in the first row .Now with the top row the cans the ones on the side you will cut a hole in them so that a can will fit in the hole.

Step 5: The Arms

Now that we have the legs and body on now it is time so put the arms on. First you will hot glue three cans together so that they make a big tower and with one of the end cans it does not matter you will cut off just the top and also cut a small divot into the hole that you have for the arm and you will place part of the top of the can into the hole to make the arm stay in place and you will glue the bottom of the top of the can so that it stays and does not fall off and pace it under the can that is going into the hole and hot glue it to the side can that the hole is in. Do this twice so that you get both arms.

Step 6: The Head

The head is going to be easy because you just put one row of cans on the first half of the top can in the body and you do another row behind that the rows are going to be 2 cans in length and width so that one row is 4 cans. You will glue each can to the top of cans in the row below it there will be 3 rows of 4 cans. When you get done with that you should put a lot of glue in between the top cans to keep all six together.

Step 7: The Facial Features

So this is the easiest stem because you just half to make a mouth on the bottom 2 cans of the electrical tape and a triangle nose on one of the middle row of 2 cans of the electrical tape and try to put it in the middle of the front side. Now for the eyes you just half to put a square piece of tape on one of the top row of cans and one square piece of the electrical tape on the other can in the top row.

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