Introduction: Can Opener Life Hack

Goal: To be able to successfully open a can with one hand with the assistance of our product.

Step 1: Grab the Can Opener

The first thing to do is to grab the can opener with the one hand

Step 2: Place on the Can and Close Handles

Put the can opener on the can, make sure to clamp it. Keep the hand on the handles so the can opener doesn't fall off.

Step 3: Slide Can by Handles to the Product

While holding the can opener, slide it towards the product which is next to the can

Step 4: Put the Handles of Can Opener Through the Hole

Slide it through the hole of the product and this will keep it in place. You can take your hand off the handle to slide it through.

Step 5: Place Arm on Indention to the Right of the Hole to Keep Product Steady

Rest arm on the bump so it is comfortable

Step 6: Rotate the Can Opener With This Hand to Open Can

Rotate with your hand. The can may move a little bit, but it will still work.

Step 7: Printing Instructions

- In order to print, there are a few steps to go through first.

- You need to make the product on a program like CAD

- You must convert the file through an stl. file.

- You need to run it through a slicer

- When printing the product, it is best to print it on its back. This makes the product much better and more efficient.

- Once the device is printed, there is no need for any extra assembling. It comes in only one part.