Can Oven

Introduction: Can Oven

Hi my name is Braxton Farmen. I have been camping and hunting many times and used this wonderful device on multiple occasions. Have you ever been camping or hunting and had limited materials to cook with? Well, I have the easiest and quickest way to get your food cooked and keep the fire contained and relatively small. I will show you in 6 steps how to make and use the product. This product can transform a cold nasty meal to a fresh hot meal.

Step 1: The Top

Take the can and cut the top off. Be mindful to only take the top portion off.

Step 2: Ventilation

Use the skewer to poke multiple holes near the top two inches of the can, these holes will create ventilation for the fire. Try to not dent the can as much as possible. When doing this, make as many holes as you feel comfortable with.

Step 3: Oven Door

Cut a 1x1inch square into the side of the can. This is used to watch the fire without lifting the pan. If you have a smaller can, you may choose to skip this step. The door is just to see the fire inside without taking any heat off of the pan and food.

Step 4: Kindle

Place your fire starter/kindle inside the can, then add some smaller pieces of wood and light the starter/kindle. In the process of the last portion of this step if you have starter fluid or gasoline, a little goes a long way, be careful.

Step 5: Bigger Fire

As the fire begins to increase, slowly add larger pieces of wood to make sure the fire doesn't go out. Do not add to much, or the fire will not have enough air to keep going. If this happens, open up the door and bring in more oxygen to the flame.

Step 6: Pan

When you are comfortable with the size of the fire, carefully place your pan on top. Allow the pan heat up and continue to add wood as necessary. To test if the pan is ready, place your hand a few inches above the pan and if you feel warmth, add your desired ingredients and cook to perfection. After you are done cooking, to put out the fire you may pour water into the can, or even squish the top of it together to smother it. Use caution, it may still be hot.

Step 7: The Process

Extras: For more stability, you may dig a small hole in the ground and place the can inside the hole to avoid any tipping of the can. The larger the can, the bigger and hotter the fire can be. Only use the can once or twice to prevent deformation or melting from the heat.

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