Introduction: Can Stove Pot Stand

 Here is a pot stand for any small stove,it is very easy to make,and its not time consuming. It is light weight and can even fold to make it smaller or expand to put larger pots or pans on it. 

Step 1:

 To make this you'll need

1. Ruler
2. 3 cloths hangers
3. wire cutter
4. get some bendable wire instead of you know
5. you might want to use a vice for better quality and results

6. you'll need your stove if you want to try it right after you finish... oh and of course your pot or pan

Step 2:

 Cut as far as possible at the far end of the hanger on both sides to all three

Step 3:

 Once you have all three wires look at them and make sure they are all the same length and that they are not bent make them as strait as posible

Step 4:

 Once you have all of your wires ready to bend make the certain
height you want for your stove and pot for all three wires

Step 5:

 Bend them carefully because i accidentally bent one side the other way and the other the other way.
Remember use a vice.

Step 6:

 I found some wire after a while so use that. You can also use those trash bag wire close up things. but strip the trash bag wire first if your going to use that. Once you have combined your wires make them the same height i mean all three put together to not make your pot lop sided

Step 7:

 There your all set to become the worlds most advanced and prepared stovemen... Just kiding well thats that your done so go try it out!!