Introduction: Can Stove (Réchaud Canette)

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This Can stove will allow you to eat and drink hot food wherever you want.

The characteristics :

  • Weight : 10 grams
  • Dimensions : Ø70mm x 30mm
  • Time to boil 1 pint (0.5L) of water : 8 minutes

I already used this Can Stove when I was hiking in Greece during 12 days, and honestly it really did the job.

I was using it to get boiling water for dehydrated food, pastas, rice, tea and coffee.

Step 1: What You Need

You need to build this can stove :

  • 1 Can (in aluminium) - empty and clean
  • Alcool
  • Cutters
  • A Needle or a tool to make holes (thin nose pliers)
  • A Piece a paper
  • caliper (or ruler, tape measure), ruler and pens

Step 2: Prepare the Patterns

Prepare the patterns you'll use to cut the can.

The length of each pattern has to be greater that the can diameter.

  • Pattern 1 : width 1cm (0.4in)
  • Pattern 2 : width 1.5cm (0.6in)
  • Pattern 3 : width 2.6cm (1in)
  • Pattern 4 : width 3cm (1.2in)

Step 3: Cutting of the Top of the Can

Open the can by cutting the top of it.

Then you can make sure the can is clean, if not, clean it again.

Step 4: Cut the Can

Cut the can using the patterns as followed :

  • Top Can : Pattern 3
  • Middle Strip : Pattern 4
  • Bottom Can : Pattern 2

Step 5: Middle Strip Finishing Touches

Cut the surplus of the Middle Strip by assembling it with the Bottom Can (Picture 1 - before / Picture 2 - after).

The aim of the operation is only to get the right length of the Middle Strip.

Cut 3 triangles of 2-3mm height in the Middle Strip (Try to get the same distance between them, it doesn't have to be accurate).

Step 6: Making the Holes

Make the holes which will allow the fire to burn through.

Use the pattern 1 to get the right distance between the top of the can and the holes.

Keep 5 to 8mm between each hole.

I personnaly used a thin nose piers because I didn't have any needle.

Step 7: Prepare the Top Can

Use another can or the other part already cut to enlarge its diameter.

This operation will help you to assemble the pieces.

Step 8: Assemble the Cans

Place the Top Can upside down.

Place the Middle Strip in the Top Can with the triangles upwards.

And then Place the Bottom Can inside the Top Can (this is the most complicated move!)

When you've done this step, turn the Can Stove over.

Step 9: Try It

Poor a bit of alcool in the stove (1-2cm wil be sufficient).

Then use a lighter or a match to start the fire.

The can stove will last during 10-15 minutes, enough to get boiling water, warm up a soup, or to cook eggs and bacon.

Enjoy :-)

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