Introduction: Can a Can Fly???

A can can indeed fly you just have to modify it just a little to get it going in the air. This is a super simple project to do and takes less then 5 minutes to complete. The fun though will last hours depending on the weather(:

All you will need is a

can(any can will do)

knife and scissors for cutting

and a yard for trying it out

Step 1: Step 1-cutting

This step is to cut both ends off the can so you can easily cut the width of the can to the desired width in step 2.

This step uses the knife to punch a hole in the can so that the scissors will be able to cut of the can ends easily.

warning: Be careful wile doing this because there are sharp things involved in this step as well as the can can cut you.

Step 2: Step 2- Cutting 2

This is were you cut more off the middle to lessen the weight of the can so it can travel farther. The width is completely up to you but I use a width of 1 1/2 in. for mine. If you want it to go farther then simply cut more of the middle of the can and that should do the trick(:

Step 3: Step 3- Flying the Can

To get this to fly all you have to do is grab it with one hand and throw it like a football as well as twist it to make it fly straight. If you are a right hand and you twist it to the right the can will also slightly go right when flying. It's the opposite for left hand users.

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