Introduction: Can a Can (tin) Cut a Can (soda)?

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true - the title-photo above ´s just bait.... b u t ... here is how, indeed, you can cut a soda-can with a piece of tin (in this case the lid of a fish-can):

Step 1:

cut a piece out of a can (here the lid)

Step 2:

now cut a disc out of that piece & drill/punch a centre-hole (about 2.5 mm) into it.

Step 3:

insert the disc into the pin/shaft of a rotary tool.

Step 4:

cut the soda

Step 5:




a_ the disc shown in the pictures is a bit bigger (d: 23mm) than the one i usally use for cutting soda-cans (d: 15mm) - reason: i was using it right before to cut:)

b_ plastic.... obviously, thsi method cuts even better softer materials, like (thin) plastics, wood, carton, wax, rubber... etc etc

c_ if you cut sodas: go easy at the very beginning, just let the wheel eat slowly into the tin... once in there, its like butter

d_ naturally, tin comes in all kind of gauges and strength. so, as always, just play around with that stuff