Can We Really Can't See Magnetic Field???

Introduction: Can We Really Can't See Magnetic Field???

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Hello Readers
Well today I was reading an article on magnetism on a website when I just came across one sentence -
" Though we cannot actually see magnetic field but just visualize it by sprinkling some iron crushes near a magnet".... But this was contrary to my observations made during last instructable..
Though you think it might be a joke but yes!!! I saw magnetic field around a magnet without those iron crushes...

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before starting, just in case you might not be aware of magnet science, I would like to tell some important points....
1. Magnets were discovered years ago by a mountaineer. ..
2.When he just suddenly rested his iron stick on a piece of rock...He found it struck..and he had to apply some force to detach it...
3. Since then, magnets have fascinated scientists, children and others

1. Magnets have influence over other magnets or particles only upto a considerable distance...
2. As we move far away from the magnet, it's influence seems to dimnish. ..
3. The region upto which a magnet can have influence over other objects is called magnetic field of that magnet..
4. Magnets have two poles namely North Pole and South Pole. .
5. Magnets can be DANGEROUS if not used properly... check this out..
6. Children require adult supervision to perform this experiment...

Step 2: Materials Required

1. One or Two magnets ( any type can be used..artificial, natural, NdFeB etc.)
2. An old CRT (Cathode ray tube) T.V. or Monitor
3. (Optional)Some plastic caps or pliers to hold the magnet...

Step 3: What to Do

1.Unplug all cables from the T.V./Monitor except the power cord..
2. Turn the T.V. on and swith it on T.V./A.V. Mode....
3. Take your magnet and (Optional) cover it with a plastic covering or hold with pliers with insulated grip just for extra safety...
4. Bring this magnet near your T.V.
5. EUREKA!!!! Those blue red fields you see (In Pix 3&4 above) are magnetic fields...


This experiment may disrupt your T.V./Monitor by damaging the colour codes...Pink may appear Blue and so on...

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    7 years ago

    Try this with an LED alarm clock, It looks so Epic!


    7 years ago

    Those are not magnetic fields you are seeing, but in fact are beams of electrons being misguided of their original path, due to the magnet interfering with the electromagnets inside the CRT.
    Here is a better explanation if you need it:


    Reply 7 years ago

    CRT tubes emit electrons that strike the screen's background. .and enable us to see different colours......
    When magnetic field is applied in their path, they deviate from their original path and get deflected towards +ve part of magnet...They all now go towards only one pole creating a green light...on the other hand the other pole causes part of screen to become electron deficient.causing a red light. ...This is seen upto a region of influence called Magnetic field. ..
    So that's how you are looking at magnetic field. ..Mr. Genius


    Reply 7 years ago

    This is seeing the effects of a magnetic field. A good comparison would be ionizing radiation & cancer. If you are exposed to too much radiation, you can get cancer. You do not see the radiation, but you do see the effects of it on the body. You are not seeing a magnetic field, but the effects of it on the screen. See what I mean now?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The best way to see a magnetic field is to combine it with an electric field, if done correctly it is called light. How odd.