Introduction: Canadian & American Football Field

Here's how to build a football field. I'm starting with the NFL field. Then I'll show the Canadian (CFL) field. If you have questions just post a comment. Okay? Now this is REALLY easy to make in fact almost too easy.

Here's the completed NFL field:

Step 1: Layout of Field

The layout of the field. Just build this: (sorry for bad picture quality)

Step 2: Goalposts

Here is one of the goalposts. Just build two of these:

Step 3: Assemble the Goalposts and Finish the NFL Field

In order to complete the field, you must connect the goalposts to the field. To do that, snap the loose white pieces on each end into the gaps on the sides of yellow pieces. Again here's the completed field. Now you should know what I mean on how to connect the goalposts. That's the NFL field! Go to the next step for the CFL field.

Step 4: The Canadian Field

OK so now we are going to start the CFL field. Here is the completed product:

Step 5: Layout of Field

This is the layout of the field. Build this:

Step 6: Goalposts

Here is one of the goalposts. Just build two of these:

Step 7: Finish the CFL Field

You need to connect the goalposts to the field just like in the NFL field, only to the loose blue rods. Just to show you again here's the completed field:
So that finishes this instructable. Be sure to comment if you want more instructables from me. Anyways, thanks for making, hope you enjoy it and bye!