Introduction: Candelabras

A friend of mine was getting married and asked if I could make them a couple of candelabras. Of course I said yes and got some ideas from them of what style they wanted.

Step 1: The Design

Started by drawing up a couple of quick designs for my friend to look at. Once they had chosen one I did a proper drawing of it. Next was to start on a cutting list of materials.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

12mm round bar
10mm round bar
8mm round bar
20nb medium pipe (nb is nominal bore. Kind of another way of say inside diameter)
40x6mm FMS
2mm black sheet ( 600x600 roughly)

Sheet metal rollers
Safety glasses
Rotor broach and 90mm hole saw
Cutting oil
Tape measure
Probably lots more but can't remember them

Step 3: Cutting and Rolling

Time to cut all the pieces and roll the 12mm round bar for the base ring and the main spirals. With the spirals I started off by rolling the round bar real tight so I had a small circle and slowly released the pressure as I was rolling and got a flat spiral when it was finished. I stood on one end while I had the other end in my hands and pulled it up.

Step 4: Make the Base

The base for the candelabras is the 12mm round bar ring that was rolled to 500mm diameter and the 40x6FMS. Make a cross with the FMS and tack together. Then put the ring over it and tack.

Step 5: Adding the Stem and Spiral

In the middle of the cross of the base mark where the pipe has to go. Get the piece of 20nb pipe and spirit level and get it level and tack.

Now it's time to add the spiral start by tacking the tighter end of the spiral to the top of the pipe. Use some 10mm round bar to hold the spiral out. These will be different lengths the further down you go as the spiral gets bigger. Put as many in as you want. I went with 3.

Step 6: Candle Holder Dishes and Small Scrolls

I used 8mm round bar and put a scroll on the end of them. I had to make a little jig up to do it. I just used scrap bits of pipe, FMS and a piece of plate.

For the dishes I used 2mm black sheet and cut holes with the rotor broach and 90mm hole saw. Then put them in the press to make a dish.

With the dish and the 8mm round bar they need to be welded together. Because I had so many of them to do I made another jig to get the round bar in the center of the dish and tacked them all up.

Step 7: Base Support Scrolls

I put some scrolls joining the base ring and pipe to add extra strength and fanciness to the candelabras. These were done with 10mm round bar. I made up another jig to do the scrolls.

Step 8: Adding Dishes to Main Spiral

Now the fun begins. Time to add the dishes to the main spiral. I used a spirit level on top of the dish to get them all flat and used a block of wood 35mm thick as a spacer.

Step 9: Welding and Cleaning

Time to weld it all together. Once done the welding I used a grinder with flap disc to clean up all the ugly bits and grind the welds flat on the cross of the base.

Step 10: The Finished Product

I sent them to the sand blaster and powder coater to be painted in gloss black. An here's a pic with candles on it at night.

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