Introduction: Candle Fuñ

Hi.I am Taiyaba sulthana.a, I am from Project DEFY nook, Kaggalipura. I have rejoined here last 3 weeks ago.

I made this fun experiment for my niece. i have coming here to learn this kinds of projects.

Step 1: Materials Required

My Project name is candle fun,
Materials Required:

1.match box


3.white sheet

4.2 glasses

5.1 paint cap

Step 2: Place the Candal Inside the Glass

Stick the candle inside the any bottle cap, now place it inside the glass.

Step 3: Place the A4 Sheet

Now cut the A4 sheet exactly at the center, then sprinkle some water on the A4sheet because to avoid burning. Now place it on top of glass and light the candle, which is as shown in the image.

Step 4: Place the Glass One Over Another

After light the candle now put another glass on top of that, like each mouths should be one over another. Now you can observe that the candle will glow untill oxygen in the glass will get over, once all oxygen will get over the candle will off automaticlly. Through this experiment we will learn that oxyzen is main gas for burning things.