Introduction: Candle Holder With Parabolic Reflector

This candle holder reflector came about from making a candle holder which cast a silhouette:

It could be made brighter by altering the shape of the reflector into a parabolic curve. This remix improves upon the previous design and puts out more light. A prototype is also shown.


Aluminum Beverage Can
Wire clothes hanger
Packing tape

Box cutter
Wire cutter

Step 1: Cut Out

* Draw the shape shown on an aluminum beverage can with a marker.
* Cut out the shape with the box cutter. Cutting this shape requires care, go slow and for the tight curves, just use the tip of the box cutter to work your way around.
* Cut out the top curve (peak) from the cut off.
* Trim any jagged edges with the scissors.

Step 2: Draw a Parabolic Curve

* using a piece of string and a right angle, (I used the corner of a book) draw a parabolic curve, with the focal point being the centre of the can.
* This video shows you how:

Step 3: Shape the Reflector Into a Parabolic Curve

* Cut a piece of wire from a wire coat hanger.
* Shape it to a parabolic curve, using the
drawn curve as a guide.
* Stick it on the back of the reflector, so it now takes on a parabolic curve. I used glue and packing tape. The uhu glue was replaced with super glue. If using super glue be careful not to glue your fingers.

Step 4: Flatten the Base of the Can

Flatten the base of the can a bit with a hammer.

Step 5: Add on the Peak

Glue on the peak which had previously been cut out.

Step 6: Add in a Candle

Secure the candle with a few drops of wax on the base.

Step 7: Prototype

This prototype, put out a little more light as it had a larger reflector but didn't look as neat.

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