Introduction: Candle in a Mason Jar

This project is a very fun project as you can use bee wax or reuse the old candles you have in your house and melt it down in a small glass jar. A small tip to find good string for candles is to put a small metal weight at the end of the string and put a popsticle stick at the top to prevent it from falling. Have fun making it! This project took me around 1 hour so it is pretty short to make.


What you need for this project is:

  • 100 grams of wax (bee or used candles)
  • A string
  • A metal weight
  • A popsticle stick
  • A small glass jar without stickers on it

Step 1: Prepare the Wax and the String-

For the first step you will have to prepare two pans with one that can fit in the second one. You put water in the bigger and put the smaller one in the water of the big one. Then, you put the big pan on a heating plate and put it on low fire. When the small pan has started heating up, you can put all the wax you have and melt it. Take the string and make a knot on one end of the string and attach the metal weight to it. Place the string in the center of the glass jar and put the popsticle stick on top to hold the string up tight. Now all the preparation is finished!

Step 2: Put the Wax in the Glass Jar-

For this step you will need a funnel to prevent the wax from spilling. Take the melten wax and pour it in the funnel and in the glass jar. Make sure that the string does'nt fall in the wax and that it stays in the center. Leave the wax to cool down and dry and don't light it up until you wait 24 hours from the time you metled the wax. The outside may look dry but the inside may still be liquid. You are almost done with the project.

Step 3: Remove the Stickers From the Pot and It Is Done-

The last step is to remove the stickers from the jar. What you can do is put it into water and the glue will disolve. You can then wipe it off and the candle will be well finished and clean. You are done! Hurray!

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