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Introduction: Candle in a Wine Bottle

There are a lot of instructables that show how to cut glas bottles. If you place candles in such cut bottles you can create a pleasant atmosphere. It's also ideal for outsides, since even strong wind will not blow out the candles. However, if you just place the bottle over the candle, it will go out due to a lack of oxygen. Since additional holes in the bottle would hamper its appearance and require suitable glass cutting tools, I looked for an alternative way to supply the candle with fresh air.

Here is my solution:

It's a simple wooden base, made of three pieces, that you can make with basic woodworking tools.

You will need:

- Cut wine bottle

- Some wood (e.g. 6 mm and 12 mm plywood)

- 5 mm drill

- Suitable saw for cutting out the parts, e.g. jig saw or scroll saw

- Sandpaper or a power tool for sanding

- Wood glue

- Optionally: stain and varnish

Step 1: Get the Bottle Ready

There is already a large number of good instructables on cutting bottles available. Therefore, I am not repeating the process here. However, as there are different ways to cut bottles, I will point you to my favorite ones.

I like to use a combination of two different techniques. Fist, I start cutting the bottle by rolling it against a glass cuter using a fixture as shown here:

instructable by ShakeTheFuture

instructable by Luc Moreau

instructable by cdonovan66 (easiest and cheapest fixture of the three examples)

This creates a nice straight cut line and will prevent the bottle from breaking unevenly. I would recommend cutting the bottle at the very bottom. This way you will have enough space to use a larger candle.

Next I use the fire and sling method to speed up the process. This will make the bottle break just at the line you created using the glass cutter. The method is shown here:

instructable by Street-Wise Irish

The combination of both methods has proven to be the most efficient one for me.

After cutting the bottles make sure to sand the rim to remove the sharp edges and prevent injuries.

If you want to make it looking especially nice you can even polish the rim like shown here:

instructable by How Do You - DIY

While using colored bottles, like green ones, will give you a nicer atmosphere, white bottles will give you more light.

Step 2: Preparing the Parts for the Wooden Base

First, download the attached pdf file and print it in A4. It shows the three single parts. Apply the printout onto your wood of choice, for example using spray adhesive. Here, I used some left over pieces. 12mm plywood for the bottom layer and 6mm plywood for the other two parts. However, the thickness and the type of the wood for the three parts can be changed however you like best. For example, you could significantly increase the thickness of the bottom layer to give it a more solid appearance or use hard wood to make it look more elegant.

Next drill all the holes according to the drawings. I would recommend using first a 1 mm drill then following with the 5 mm drill for accuracy.

After that, cut out the three pieces using for example a jig saw or scroll saw. Drill the holes from the side into the bottom layer until you feel it connecting with the other hole. This will provide the candle with fresh air.

Finally, sand the inside of the top layer to about 45° for a smooth transition to the middle layer. You can do this by hand or by using some power tools if you have them available. The purpose of the top ring is only to keep the candle roughly in the middle of the glass bottle.

The dimensions of the wooden base were adjusted to the wine bottles that I had available. To adjust the wooden base for any bottle, just change the dimensions according to the inner and outer diameter of your bottle (see annotations in the pdf file).

Step 3: Assembling the Wooden Base

Once all parts are finished, glue them together. Be careful to properly align all the holes. You can do this by plugging some rods or smaller sized drills into the holes while gluing.

After drying, sand down the wooden base until you are satisfied with its appearance.

You can also stain it or apply some varnish to give it the color of your choice.

Now you are ready to go.

A few minutes after lighting the candle, the top of the bottle will be getting very hot. Don't touch it!!! Touch the glass bottle only at the height of the flame or lower!

Enjoy ;)

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    5 years ago

    Very nice design of base. Thank you for sharing it.