Introduction: Candlestick of Middle Earth

This is a Middle Earth candlestick.I asked myself what kind of candlestick I would use if we were in the Middle World and that's the answer ! There is a candle in the center, not a ring


The ingredients can be found everywhere.




Step 1: Step:1 Make a Mold and Set Up Columns

I wanted natural forms to be formed while making the mold.That's why I burned some foam and scrape some.Then, let's place the columns we made with chop sticks with an open middle.(some photos are prototypes).Finally, let's pour the cement into the mold

Step 2: Step:2 Place the Chains and the Candle Holder

Let's put the chains on the columns and make another small mold in the middle.Then, let's combine the chains and the small mold and pour our cement into the mold.But let's put another piece of foam for the space in the middle of the small mold.

Step 3: Step:3 Final

Carefully remove the molds and try to gently fix the distorted places.After placing the candle, you now have a middle earth candlestick.