Introduction: Candy Cane Cookies

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It's Christmas Time = Christmas Cookie Time

Ingredients (for about 15 cookies):

* 1-1/4 cup all purpose flour (160 g)
* 1/2 cup unsalted butter (115 g)
* 1 large egg yolk
* 1/2 cup powdered sugar (60 g)
* 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
* 1/2 tsp pure peppermint extract
* 1/4 tsp food coloring

Step 1: Step One: Make the Dough

Cream butter then add sugar, beat again
Add one egg yolk, vanilla extract and peppermint extract. Stir to combine
Add in flour into 2 additions (meaning, add half flour, beat, then add the other half, beat)
You should get a soft but firm dough.
Divide the dough into 2 balls.
Add a few drops of food coloring to one ball.
Cover both ball in plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 30 min.

Step 2: Step 2: Shape Your Candies....oh, Cookies

Take a walnut sized piece of red (/pink) and a walnut sized piece of white dough. Roll each color on a lightly floured surface into a 10-12 cm long rope. Place the 2 ropes side by side and gently twist them together, pressing a bit to form a spiral. Shape by bending one end into a hook

Step 3: Step Three: Bake

Line cookies on a baking paper about 2 cm apart from each other
Bake at 180 C for about 10 min or until the edges of the cookies start browning.
Let cookies cool down completely on a wire rack

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