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Introduction: Candy Cane Fudge/Candy

About: I'm an un-repentant mess creator... I'll turn my hand to anything and providing i get my fingers back... I'm happy.

Okay firstly, let me appologise for the quite rubbish picture, I didn't manage to get a picture of my finished fudge before I dropped it on the floor... Yes, in my enthusiasm to make another Christmas Gifts entry, I dropped my I'ble and my camera at the same time... I caught the camera... The floor caught my fudge... *sigh* Oh well you'll have to take my word on that it makes a great gift

Anyway Enjoy...



Step 1: Ingredients!

What you'll need:
  • 560g (10oz)  White Chocolate
  • 1 (14 ounce) Can of Condensed milk (the light stuff works too)
  • Peppermint flavouring (The Natural stuff is always best)
  •  2-4 Candy Canes
  •  Food colouring, red, green, blue... You know festive colours
  • Baking tin
  • Tin foil or Baking Parchment
  • Saucepan
  • Spoon
  • Spatula
  • Summit' heavy like a meat tendorisor or a rolling pin

Step 2: IMPORTANT! No Biological Warfare Please! Scrub Up!

See this REALLY annoys me, when someone makes something for you to CONSUME and they don't bother to wash their hands before hand... So I have decided to make a point of a few things that TV Chefs or whatnot don't seem to be able to do

# Remove any rings/ Jewellery that may come in contact with the food
# Wash your hands before you cook
# After handling Eggs, its good practice to wash your hands (Stops the spread of Salmonella and such)
# DO NOT Lick or taste off a spoon THEN put it back into the bowl you took the sample from... EWW... If I wanted your germs I would kiss you!

Before I start sounding like a rambling germ freak, I'm sure you'll agree this is all common sense... But some people just don't ...get... that its not hygienic

Step 3: MMMM Sugary Condensed Goodness

I would usually melt my chocolate first sepperatly, but it was nearly 2am, and I just wanted to go to bed.... Don't worry with this sweet treat it doesn't *really* matter, best thing to do, is to pour on the can of Condensed Milk, and simmer the chocolate in this sweet milk... Once the Chocolate has melted take the mix off the heat... as Condensed milk has ALOT of sugar in it, and it can burn

Step 4: Flavour!!

Time now to add your peppermint flavouring! 2-3 cap fulls should be enough, but I would suggest you give it a try, and add more if you want some more taste.

The original recipie I have for this Fudge says that here you should add some crushed candy cane, but personally I don't think it needs it. But your the boss, so do what you think best :)

Step 5: Goop?

Once you have added the flavouring (and the candy cane chips if you added them) pour your Goop (mixture) into a lined baking tin.

Now go and wash that pan.... Or atleast put it into soak... trust me... it will need it. Unfortunatly I used my mothers best new shiney pans... instead of my usual sweet pan... I spent 45 minutes frantically scrubbing off the burnt sugar mark... I'm such an Idiot! hehe

Step 6: Piccaso Would Be Proud

Finished washing? See I told you I would wait!

Now... Due to some doggies who knocked me as I was adding in my food colouring, it turned out a little too blue... red... and green... but it looked quite pretty in the end.

Ordinarily I would dip my fork into some food colouring and swirl it through the mix in the pan... It *sorta* worked here... but this was mostly damage limitation.

Grr damn dogs

Step 7: Time to Tendorise Some Candy Canes!

Well... now... time to vent some of that Festive time frustration out... place your candy canes inside a Tea Towel ... or place onto a firm surface, and bang it with something heavy... Meat tendorising hammers work really well... but Rolling pins... or pop bottles filled with water do the job equally as well.

don't turn it completly to dust, save some chucnky bits

Now it's time to sprinkle on your candy cane dust equally over your coloured Goop.

I left this in the Refridgerator Overnight (but I would advise leaving for atleast 3 hours before serving) to firm up before I cut into little square peices.

Step 8: Fin!

Personally I would usually cut some small chunks, wrap in cellophane and hang on the Christmas tree to give to visitors, or perhaps in a nice origami box?

In all honesty this I'ble has been nothing but a catalogue of disaster and failure... but well I have posted it in the hope that someone else will make something beautiful and tasty to give their loved ones at Christmas.

Meg and Milo have apologised in full and tried to helped try to clean up when I dropped my Fudge... no doubt they'll be back in the New Year hindering my creativity once more

All the best guys and gals!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    It's still good, thanks for showing us.