Introduction: Candy Cane Post

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On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me - a ginormous candy cane. Don't eat it though. Wood be bad for your teeth!

Wanting a festive entryway post to celebrate the season, I made one that looks like a candy cane.

Here's how I put it together:


Materials I used: (with affiliate links)

4"x4"x8' board

3/4" plywood

Painters tape -

White, red, and green paint

3" screws

Pocket hole screws -

Wood glue -

Tools I used:

Miter saw -

Glue brush -

Drill -

Wood plug bit -

Drill press -

Mallet -

Sander -

45 degree router bit -

Router -

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

I started by taking my 4x4 board to the miter saw and cutting out the pieces to the candy cane. Each angle was cut at 22.5 degrees.

I made 5 cuts:

1 - 47" long - this is the main stalk of the candy cane
3 - angle cuts on both sides, 7" at the wide angle
1 - flush cut on one side, angle cut on the other, 8" at the wide angle

Step 2: Gluing the Candy Cane

I took the pocket hole bit and drilled 2 holes in each piece so that the screws would hit the center of the connecting piece. Using the wood glue, I generously applied wood glue to the ends (end cut wood notoriously sucks up glue, so you need to use a liberal amount of glue to compensate), and spread it out evenly with the brush.

Connecting two pieces together, I drilled the pocket hole screws into the holes, which firmly pulled the two pieces together (I used pocket hole screws for this reason. The head of regular screws are angled in such a way that it would easily drill through and split the wood).

I repeated this step for each piece.

Step 3: Making Plugs

I took a spare piece of the 4x4 (so the plugs matched the grain of the wood) and drilled out several plugs on the drill press.

Adding a fair amount of glue into each hole, I inserted the plugs in each hole and hammered them in as far as they could.

I used a sander to sand each plug flush with the rest of the candy cane.

Step 4: Making the Base

I took the 3/4" plywood and measured and cut out a 16"16" area for the bottom piece, and a 12"x12" piece for the top piece. I marked center lines as guides, and then glued and screwed the top piece to the bottom.

I took the router and 45 degree router bit, and routed the edges off both the top and bottom pieces (trying to give it a fancier look than just a straight cut board).

I marked the center of the bottom piece, and measured out 4 points that would fit inside the 4x4 area for the candy cane. I drilled pilot holes, then glued and screwed the base into the candy cane.

Step 5: Painting

I painted the candy cane white for a base, then once the paint was try I took the 2" painters tape and 1" painters tape and wrapped the candy cane up like a candy cane pattern (with both wide and narrow stripes! Fancy, right?!!).

I took the red paint and painted a couple layers onto the candy cane.

Step 6: Pulling Tape

I removed the painters tape, after the red paint had dried slightly, to reveal the red/white candy cane pattern.Taping the bottom of the candy cane, I painted the base green.

Step 7: Make It Festive

Now that the candy cane was done, I found a good spot for it by the front door, making the entry to my house a bajillion times more festive!