Introduction: Candy Cane Twist Knot

This is a variation of the crown and wall lanyard.

By adding a over two crown knot a spiral effect is achieved.

I used 2 cords of 1/4" diameter cord - 3 1/2" long

Step 1:

Arrange the two colors as shown

Tie a temporary seizing.

Tie another seizing a short distance to the right.

Step 2:

Tie a crown knot immediately above this second seizing. Each strand goes over the strand to its right.

Step 3:

Take any strand and bring it over one and under strand of contrasting color.

Step 4:

Turn the knot towards you and bring next strand over one and under strand of contrasting color.

Step 5:

Likewise with the third strand.

Step 6:

And the fourth.

Step 7: Over Two Crown Knot

First tie a crown knot to the left (clockwise).

Step 8:

Now take any strand and bring it through the bight to its left.

Step 9:

Do the same with the next strand.

Step 10:

And the third.

Step 11:

And the fourth.

The knot is complete. On to the doubling process.

Step 12: The Doubling Process

Each strand of the over two crown knot emerges adjacent to a strand of the same color.Take strand "A and follow its mate under one strand.

Step 13:

Under one crossing the end of the knot.

Step 14:

And under one strand.

Step 15:

Do the same with the next cord.

Step 16:

And the third and fourth cords.

The knot is almost complete. All that remains is to pull the cords through the knot.

Step 17:

With a forceps grab any end (in this case white) and pull it through the knot..

Step 18:

Do0 the same with the next strand (grey)

Step 19:

Likewise with the remaining strands. Now begin to remove the excess slack from the knot.

Step 20:

When the knot is fairly tight you will want to make the white loop at the left of the knot disappear.

Take strand "A" and pull until the loop vanishes into the knot. Then complete the tightening process.

Step 21:

For the large knot on the left I added a second set of over under knots before going to the over two crown knot (step 7)

For the red and yellow knot I did not make any over under passes but went directly from step 2 to step 7.