Candy Corn Slime

Introduction: Candy Corn Slime

Candy Corn Slime or Candy Corn Play dough!

Welcome to are very first episode of make it Monday you guys! I am super excited about this series! I wanted to start a new show on the channel that wasn’t beauty related like DIY Saturday has become. Make it Monday is more arts and craft DIY’s that are crazy and entertaining. That’s why today we are making candy corn slime or play dough. Fall is here and the means candy corn (grrrr)!! Candy corn is in season for a very short time, so I decided to make really cool DIY’s with it. Candy corn is definitely my arch nemesis and we are back at it again. I have this love hate relationship with candy corn, which it’s just one of those things I can’t understand. I think it stems from my childhood, but I will save that story for another time. When I first decided to make this candy corn slime it did spread and pull apart like slime, but eventually it became candy corn play dough. I think it’s because of so much air hitting the slime, that it begin to thicken up and eventually became play dough. It’s really fun to play with and you can eat it because it’s edible. If you’re looking to play pranks on someone this year this candy corn slime or play dough is the perfect prank. It’s a great craft for little toddlers to play with. They can play with the play dough and eat it at the same time. If you would like to try and make candy corn slime or play dough in the microwave you can. When I first tried to melt the candy corn in the microwave it got pretty hard quickly and did not mold like play dough or stretch like slime. I also found out that some parts of the candy corn would burn in the microwave. The stove top was so much easier in my opinion. I also recommend that you store your candy corn slime or play dough in an air tight container with oil until ready to use. From my experience it does not hardened that way. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial Make sure you subscribe! Hugs*** Slime DIY Slime Recipe Play dough DIY

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