Introduction: Candy Desert Ecosystem

Hello everybody today I am going to show you a project of a desert ecosystem with wildlife on it.


You will need any yellow and orange candy, cardboard, rocks, sand, a shoebox, blue and white paint. Green, brown, white and black clay, printed desert animals on paper, and scissors.

Step 1: Get Your Shoe Box and Paint It

First, find a shoebox and then paint the inside top part of blue for the sky and white for the cloud. Also, leave a circle in the right top corner for the sun and don't paint the sun yellow there is going to be a surprise. If you want to paint a background, paint it with a sandy brown mountain.

Step 2: Yellow Candy Sun

For the yellow sun melt any yellow and orange candy and at least melt at least 2-5 yellow candy. After you melt it in your microwave for at least 30-60 minutes. After you heat the candy, freeze the candy in a circle the exact same size as the circle on the shoe box. After the candy froze then you have to glue the frozen candy on the right top corner where it is still brown. Also after you have done glue the sun put the box in a cold place. Also, I forget to mention that put the sun in the freezer in 5-7days.

Step 3: Glue the Floor

After you glue the sun, wait for 2-5 minutes for it to dry. After it dry, glue the whole bottom box and then quickly put a lot of sand for it to cover the bottom box and then glue the rocks on the sand to make a desert.

Step 4: Decorate the Floor

After glueing, wait for 3-5 minutes for it to dry after it dries. This is the time you make 1-2 trees, 2-4 cactus, and 2-15 fake rocks with clay. I will use brown and green clay for trees, black, white and brown for rocks, and green and a small percent of black clay is for the cactus. After you make them put it on your land.

Step 5: Adding the Printed Pictures

After you are done it prints 5-10 spices of animals that live in the desert. After you print the desert animals, cut the paper around the animal so you will have 10 nice shaped desert animals. Then after you cut the paper, cut 10 pieces of little pieces of cardboard and glue it on the back part of the pictures. After doing it for every picture glue the bottom piece of the cardboard and glue it on the floor of the shoe box.

Step 6: The End

After glueing the pictures down you are done. Now you have a desert ecosystem completed so now you could show your friends about your cool desert ecosystem and maybe if you are going to school you will have a chance to get a bonus mark if you made a desert ecosystem.

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