Candy Drop Dispenser!

Introduction: Candy Drop Dispenser!

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Welcome! This is a candy drop so if you were to press the button then candy will drop from the SKY! It can also be used for Halloween. You could move a statue or something(be creative) so that when you move it it will press the switch! This project should only take 30 mins. All you will need is: Arduino UNO, servo motor, four screws, two pieces of thin wood, resistor, button (or something like it), tape, big rounded juice container, wires and if you would like, a breadboard. I will be using a breadboard in this project.

Step 1: Building the Dispenser

follow the instructions on the pictures.

Step 2: Building the Circuit.


This is a simplified version of the basic function that when the button is pressed it drops candy. It works, go ahead and try it.

Step 4: Now Just Hang It Up Somewhere!

Use you imagination for changing the button to something else use a riddle to find the secret statue that they must move that will press the button! Have fun! 
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