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Introduction: Candy-Eating Monster

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Halloween is Here!  He is a great way to surprise Trick-Or-Treaters, as you rub his head, he starts chomping at any candy in his path! This funny little guy is a must for the porch as Trick-Or-Treaters come to visit on the night of horror! Set a bowl of candy in front of him, and watch all of the kids watch in amazement at this candy-eating monster. Customize your monster by painting or carving your own custom face! Whether cute or scary, it will sure to be a hit with the kids!

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You can know more interesting robot early!!Halloween is coming! Have you prepared enough candy?

Step 1: Part List

· Purchase Makeblock parts check now

· 3 x Robot Servo Pack - Blue (Purchase quantity:3)

· ·1 x Me Touch Sensor (Purchase quantity:1)

· ·2 x Me RJ25 Adapter (Purchase quantity:2)

· ·1 x Beam0824-128-Blue (4-Pack) (Purchase quantity:1)

· ·1 x Beam0412-140-Blue (4-Pack) (Purchase quantity:1)

Step 2: Constructing Steps

Prepare the modules as the pictures show and assembe them.

Step 3: Big Mouth

Step 4: Body

Step 5: Fix Battery and Main Board

Step 6: Assemble All of Them

Step 7: Drawing and Paper-cut

Step 8: The Result

Step 9: ​---------------------------------- Maybe Sth You Want to Know ---------------------------------

Halloween is coming! Aren't you excited?! Lately in our labs, We concocted up 8 new magic demons with my lab assistants and we are going to let them out to make some trouble in the night! If you want to know other monsters,

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