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Introduction: Candy / Food Wrapper Button Earrings

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Recycle candy wrappers or food wrappers and turn them into fun button earrings!

You can check out where I found the inspiration using the following links:

Step 1: What You'll Need

To make these cool candy wrapper button earrings, you will need...

  • candy / food wrappers (I'm using wrappers from a package of Nutter Butters and Oreos)

  • craft cover buttons

  • pen or pencil

  • scissors

  • hot glue gun or E6000 glue

  • earring back posts and findings

Step 2: Follow the Cover Button Directions

First, lay out a candy wrapper flat on your work space, and use a pencil or pen to trace a circle around the plastic template including in the craft cover kit. Cut out the circles, and position them into the mold with a cover button.

Step 3: Add a Earring Back

Then, all you have to do is use your glue gun or E6000 to attach an earring back post and a finding to complete the look!

Step 4: Delicious Jewelry!

Though these earrings may not be edible, you can make more of these and give them as gifts! You can even make earrings as a gift for someone...just use the wrappers of their favorite cookies or candies!

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