Introduction: Candy Sushi

Candy sushi is a cute idea for kid's parties - or any other time a fun dessert is needed. 

It's super easy and fairly quick to make

Step 1:

Things you need: 
~ Rice crispy type cereal
~ Marshmallows
~ Some kind of fruit wrap (fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot, or other fruit leather) 
~ Swedish Fish
~ various candy (and "roll" type snack cakes for extra easy sushi pieces)

Gummy Worms, Twizzlers, and other long skinny candy all work well. But, anything works as long as it fits! 

Step 2:

The first step is to make your "sushi rice" - which, is just rice crispies. 

The basic recipe is:
1/4 c. butter
10oz package mini marshmallows
6 1/2 c. rice cereal

Melt the butter and marshmallows together, then stir in the cereal. 

This is sticky stuff, and you'll need to work with it before it sets up too much. I rub butter on my hands to keep it from being a complete mess. 

Step 3:

For the first roll, squish a small handful of rice crispies into a elongated ball. Let it harden. 

Then, add a Swedish Fish to the top of each ball, and wrap with a strip of fruit leather (I used tie-dye fruit by the foot)

Step 4:

The second roll is a Hand Roll. 

Wrap a piece of fruit leather into a cone shape. Stuff with some rice crispies, and then poke a few pieces of candy into the center. Add more cereal around the candy if needed to hold it in place. 

Step 5:

Third is the most complex roll. 

Cut a square of fruit leather (or lay out a fruit roll up) - and place it on parchment paper (or plastic wrap).

Mash some "rice" onto it, making sure not to go all the way to the edge. 

Fill with whatever candy you want. I did half and half to save time (and to keep from making too much).

Using the parchment paper to help, wrap the roll around the candy, and squish it to help it close if needed.
Let it set for a bit (for the cereal mixture to harden some) before cutting.

Cut pieces to desired height (1" is a good starting place) 

Step 6:

This roll didn't quite make it on my main picture. (was made last and just didn't fit) 

Cut a thick strip of fruit leather, and wrap around a wad of rice crispies - leaving a bit of the fruit wrap sticking out at the top, creating a bowl.

Fill bowl with small, round candy. I used Raisinets, but it looks much better it a red or orange candy (like Red Hots) - so that it looks like fish roe. 

Step 7:

Last, but not least - the absolute easiest roll for your plate

Cut your rolled snack cakes into thirds - make sure to place cut side up. 

Step 8:

And ta-da!

You can also make a "wasabi" type paste for serving by mixing powdered sugar with green food dye and a bit of milk-- Just a few drops! (because - this needs more sugar) 

Serve with chop sticks
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