Introduction: Candy Filled Mario Head

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My son is all about Mario, so I wanted to create a pinata for his Birthday party. This was so easy to make, and I didn't have to purchase anything for it accept the candy. I had everything else around the house. My son loved it, and it was so strong that we took it down and had to cut it open for the kids to get the candy out! Next time I make one, I will use less layers of paper so the kids can break it!

I used a balloon, blew it up to size I thought Mario's head should be. Then I cut strips of newspaper and used flour mixed with water or liquid starch (which ever you have around) and dipped the strips in it. I then covered the balloon, crumpled up newspaper for the cheeks and nose and covered them, and let it dry a few days. The ears are cardboard, the hat is a small cardboard box that I cut to make the hat shape. Then I decorated it with extra paint, I had from painting his Mario bedroom. The hat is party streamers, and then the mustache is an old torn up hand bag that I cut up to make the mustache and eyebrows. The eyes are cardboard I cut and painted. 

Using old newspapers to make things is so easy!

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