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Introduction: Cane Weaved Basket.....

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Hello everyone,

I m' here with my new instructable, which is a basket made with cane straws. which can be use to put fruits, coins, sugar sashes and many more things depend on how big it is. i am making here a basket which is 10cm in height and diameter of 15cm approximately but you can make it according to your need. so i will teach you here how to weave with cane straws. cane is very interesting material because, Cane is an excellent fiber with which to work, as it is both firm and flexible when damp. It is sold in hanks, and different sizes are obtainable from your craft store. There are many different ways of weaving of cane here i will show you 4 methods . When dry, it tightens and remains firm yet flexible.Long lasting, articles made of cane should not be allowed to become very dried out, (for example in a centrally heated room) or they will tend to split. They should be wiped over with a damp cloth, once every 3 or 4 weeks.Cane may be varnished, painted or simply left in its natural state.All cane weaving (as for baskets, shades, etc.) is done on the same principle.The cane you intend to use for ribs or stakes should be really pliable

Long pieces of cane are woven in and out of thicker pieces called 'stakes' or 'ribs'. The shape of cane articles can be altered either by pulling or bending the cane while working so that a shape is formed, or by controlling the tightness of the weave.


  • Cut the cane into convenient lengths.
  • Soak it in cold water for about half an hour to make it pliable.
  • Remember you should not cut cane more than 3 yards because it may tangle or become dirty.
  • Hang the lengths of cane on a hook or peg and lay a damp cloth over the strips to keep them really flexible and to protect them against dirt.


  • Method:Randing

This is the simplest weave and is merely weaving over and under, as shown in image.

Weaving generally is done from left to right.

When the end of one cane is reached, it is left behind the upright ribs on the inside of the work, pointing towards the right. The new cane is started behind the same rib, lying on top of the end of the old cane, and thus weaving is continued.


  • Take the 8 equal length sticks.
  • Make 2 pair from 8. ( separate 4-4 sticks)
  • Put 1 pair on another pair in such a way that it make cross in middle.
  • Take another straw of cane (9th stick should be as long as possible). If it will be long it will be easy to make and it will have less joints. but if you have short than don't worry you can use it.
  • Now you have 4 sides in cross, with which you are going to weave.
  • Start with any 1 side among 4.
  • Put the straw under of 1 side than on second it will be from over than again under and again over. repeat this and make 4 to 5 rounds and hold it tight.
  • Now from 4 sides which have 4 sticks each, you have to separate it in 2 pairs.(on each side you have 4 sticks and you will separate them into 2-2. do this to each side so total 8 sides). so ultimately you will get 8 pairs of sticks.
  • now cut any 1 side among 8. (1 pair)
  • you have total 7 sides now and 14 sticks in total. now we are going to weave in 7 pairs.
  • Start weaving where you had stopped after making 4 to 5 rounds.
  • Now go under on 1 then over on 2nd then under on 3rd then over on 4th then under on 5th then over on 6th then under on 7th and so on.
  • Repeat the under over pattern till you get enough height. now cut the end where you want to stop and penetrate the end into weaved part.
  • Now push the basket down side to give it height. (before it was a circle and now you have a basket )`
  • Cut the extra part.
  • Now let it dry so it will be tight enough and you can use it than.

NOTE: it is very important to cut 1 pair among 8 because if you will not cut it will always weave in same manner. example: it will be always under under under under on same pair. so you will not be able to make basket.

Thank you.

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    4 years ago

    I like your instructable on how to start weaving baskets. It is a good introduction to the hobby. However if you are like me and are strapped for money to buy anything I have found a way to indulge the hobby on a budget of near $0 and clean up somewhat the environment.

    YOUTUBE has many videos on how to make all kinds of things this way. Warning! this hobby can be addictive.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you so much....

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    That is a great little basket :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    thank you.....