Introduction: Cannibal Pumpkin

This is my first instruct able, I made a cannibal pumpkin, a pumpkin eating anothe food, I was originally going to do this with another pumpkin, but we ran out of time and picked up a watermelon instead, I don't have a picture, but you need
-a big pumpkin
-smaller food choice (pumpkin/watermelon)
-big spoon
-pumpkin scooper
-pumpkin carving tools
I had my hands messy for most so the pictures are limited

Step 1: Choose a Pumpkin

Ou want a pumpkin that is big enough to fit a smaller pumpkin on the middle left/right (your choice). My pumpkin was almost a minimum size, and was almost hard to work with

Step 2: Draw Your Face

Make sure to measure the hight and width if you smaller thing, and make the mouth curve down. I made the eye above the big part of the mouth squinting so it looks good to me.

Step 3: Hallow Out

Cut your smaller object to the size you want, I cut mine about 3/4 way from top, I didn't show it but the pumpkin was hallowed out too.

Step 4: Rough Carve

This is just a rough carve, as ou can see, you leave space for the teeth

Step 5: Finish Carve and Strip

Finishing the carve, by rounding of curves and gaps of teeth and then you strip the teeth a and the eyes

Step 6: Add Your Food

Add your food and carve its eyes

Step 7: Show Off

Now your done, put a tea light in it and put it on your porch.
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