Introduction: Cannon

Disclaimer I and not responsible for anything you do with this if you get hurt that's your fault not mine you can not sue me but other wise enjoy ** caution do not over load cannon and stand back when firing as to not get hit if it goes flying or explodes because you over loaded with powder *** I do not usually use ammo in this but it shoots expos caps fine as I guess any thing that fits but do not hurt your self or others with this

Step 1: Materials

Fire works ( any kind) Flash light ( I got mine from office Depot) Pliers Drill Paper clip

Step 2: Deconstruction

Take the head off of the flashlight and the bottom and take off the springs and the batteries

Step 3: Drilling and Getting Fuel

Drill a small hole at the base of the flash light just above the threads of the bottom . Take your pliers an take the fuse out and get out the gray powder ( this is not gun powder but will someone please tell me what it is ) if a little of the flash powder and sulferr gets in it's ok I only used 2 fire works but you might need more or less depending on the fire work

Step 4: Setting Up

Put the fuse through the hole and pour the powder down the " barrel" . Use a tissue in the barrel as a plug. Put a small bit of tissue in the fuse hole to keep it from moving

Step 5: Stand

Get the paper clip and undbend it so it makes a little bi pod it shoul look kinda like this