Introduction: Canoe Paddle Clock

Step 1: Find Wood

Find the correct pieces of wood, that you would like to be shown in your paddle. Plane down to 3/4th. Rough cut to size. The walnut is about 36 1/2" long by 1/4" wide. While the two pieces of maple are 36 1/2" long by 7/8" wide.

Step 2: Cut Pieces for Paddle End

I used walnut and maple for the paddle end. I cut 7 pieces of both 5" long by 2" wide.

Step 3: Glue Paddle End

Glue the paddle ends together, cut at 45' angle. Cut thin piece of maple, flip ends of maple and walnut, glue together as shown.

Step 4: Glue Paddle

Take the long pieces maple and walnut and place them in between the paddle end, glue, clamp, wait.

Step 5: Cut Out Paddle

Cut out the paddle end, the way you would like it shaped. On the band saw.

Step 6: Use Extras

Use the pieces you cut off of the paddle end and make the sides flat.

Step 7: Sizing

Use the pieces you just made square, measure how big you would like your handle, shown here is the normal size is roughly 3.5" long.

Step 8: Glue

Glue the paddle ends to create the handle, wait.

Step 9: Sand

Use a disc sander to smooth out the jagged edges.

Step 10: File

Use a file to make the shaft rounded.

Step 11: Sand

Sand with a rough grit and tapper the top of the paddle to give it more of a real paddle look and feel.

Step 12: Sand

Sand with a finer grit until smooth. Or until as smooth as you want, keep going up to higher grits as you go to get a smoother feel.

Step 13: Drill

Drill a small hole in the middle of the paddle to install clock.

Step 14: Route

Use cnc router or any other router an route a square on the back of your paddle, trace lines from the clock box.

Step 15: Poly

Use polyurethane. Apply first coat everywhere, let sit for a couple minutes, the first coat will sink in and dry very fast. Apply second coat, let dry. Use steel wool to sand down the entire paddle. After smooth apply a third coat, you may sand after to achieve the best texture. (smooth)

Step 16: Install

Install clock face, and arms.

Step 17: Glue

Glue the desired number to paddle, they come sticky but I would recommend to super glue them to make sure they won't fall off with ease.

Step 18: Enjoy

Enjoy your beautiful clock! :)

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