Introduction: Canoe or Kayak Hood Hook

Sometime you don't have a place to hook your canoe on your front bumper. I'm going to show you my solution for this problem.

Step 1: Cut the Strap

First you will need a grommet kit available at wall-mart or other stores in the camping department. You need to begin to cut 2 pieces of an old strap, 2 foots each.

Step 2: Punch Holes

Punch 2 holes in the strap, one each end. Take the lighter to burn the edge of the strap and the hole you just created in the strap.

Step 3: Fix the Grommet

Install the grommet in the hole like in the picture and place it in the die. Bump it hard with a hammer.

Step 4: Your Done With the Strap.

This is the final product...

Step 5: Fix It Under the Hood

You need to find a bolt to fix it under the hood. I took the hood latch bolt and it works great. When you don't need it, just put it under the hood and you don't see it.