Introduction: Canoe Paddle Clock

A wooden canoe paddle made into a clock

Step 1: Cut Wood to Rough Length

Cut one piece of 3/4 inch thick cherry to 37" by 2" then cut that piece in half. Cut a thin strip of 37 by3/4 inch pine one blade thick to put in between your two pieces of cherry.

Step 2: Cut Paddle Pieces

Cut two pieces of 3/4 inch oak to 14 by 2 1/4 inches then cut a blade length right down the middle. Cut a blade length of cherry to place in the middle of the oak. Place the oak and cherry on the sides of the 37 inch cherry. Place two pieces of 1 by 3/4 inch oak on the opposite end of the paddle to create a handle glue all of your pieces together

Step 3: Plane

Plane your paddle so it is all the same height.

Step 4: Make It Look Like a Paddle

Trace out a paddle template onto your boards and cut it out. Round the handle to desired roundness. Give the fat part of the paddle a little roundness to it. Sand the paddle so it is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Step 5: Drill and Route

Drill a hole in the middle so you can place your clock into it. Route the back of it to put the clock into the wood

Step 6: Polyurethane, Add Clock and Enjoy

Add 3 coats of poly on it and then put the clock and numbers on it.. Enjoy!!!!!!! :)

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