Introduction: How to Fix a Cracked DSLR LCD Screen Glass

Damn it! If you takes pictures long enough you're going to crack the glass protecting the LCD screen on your DSLR. I'm pretty careful when I travel with my 5D mark II, I use a pelican case and make sure everything is secure. This crack was caused when I closed the top and one of my gopros put too much pressure on the screen. I didn't know it until I opened the case and you can imagine my horror....

Relieved to know the camera itself was ok, I set off to fix it!

If you take your DSLR to a camera shop it can easily cost upwards of $250 to fix it plus if you live in a smaller city like I do, you have to send it off.

This fix cost about $20 and takes 5 minutes, literally.

Step 1: What You Will Need

There's only a few things you need to repair the glass.

- broken LCD glass (futile attempt at sarcasm)
- heat gun or blow dryer
- small suction cup
- replacement glass for your specific camera LCD. I bought mine at They have an eBay store and the glass was $10. There are other reputable ones out there also.

Note I generally stay clear of eBay for genuine parts because they usually aren't genuine and delivery from Hong Kong takes forever!! But if I can find a US based seller with a good reputation then I will use them.

Step 2: Remove Broken Glass

The LCD glass is simply a protective covering over the LCD screen. It's secured by double sided tape that runs all the way around the edge.

Use your heat gun/blow dryer to soften the tape. This usually takes 30-60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, apply the suction cup to the glass and gently lift. If it does not peel free with moderate pulling, stop and apply more heat.

Once you are able to remove the glass there's usually a few stray pieces that separate along the fracture lines. Carefully remove those.

After all the glass has been removed, make sure you remove all the residual tape.

Once the edges are free of tape, remove the paper backing of the replacement glass. Make sure not to touch the inside of the glass or you'll forever have fingerprint smudge giving you a less than perfect view.

Once the double sided tape is removed, align the replacement glass and gently press down with uniform pressure.

Remove the plastic covering from the outside of the glass and BAMM!!!

You're done!