Introduction: Can´t Handle It

Hello hope you are all safe and healthy. My name is Vale Villanueva and this year I got into the Creativity and Product design elective on my 10th grade school year here in Mexico. It´s been fun, interesting and I am happy to recognize I have learned when having fun and this elective has brought me many thoughts and has made me go deeper in designing what I like and going deeper in my creativity making me learn more about me. Finally, I can say this project, was made thanks to the current catastrophic event there is worldwide. Can´t handle it is just about to make you avoid others and having to await more inside your home. Go ahead and make one yourself with just easy supplies. Feel comfortable and dive into the presentation so that you can learn all about it and it´s purpose. Thank you and remember to stay safe :)

Step 1: Know the Proposal

Days and nights pass and the world is still paralyzed in a pandemic. Thanks to this current event,, I decided to go by the can´t touch this website section and gather ideas to come up with an idea for my project. I thought about how the virus spread and it was all due to interaction with infected people. Thanks to the virus, I had the idea to make a foot door opener in order to keep away from interacting with other people and to avoid touching the handle to open the door and get infected. My product is made out of wood and it has a chain that is attached to the door handle. When you step on the wood, the chain will pull the handle down and you have to step on the wood and slide your foot up the wood to the back or front depending on the door direction making movement in the door opening it.

Step 2: Get Supplies and Tools


  • 4 Pieces of wood (6 x 3 3/4 in each piece)
  • Black spray paint
  • Nails
  • Silver Chain


  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Bottle Cap
  • Wire
  • Measuring tool
  • Screwdriver

Step 3: Paint It

Step 4: Nail It

Step 5: Side Hole It

Step 6: Middle Hole It

Step 7: Connect It

Step 8: Cap X Wire Knot

Step 9: Pass Chain

Step 10: See Results

Step 11: You Are Done!!!

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