Canvas Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Light Up Candy Bag

Introduction: Canvas Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Light Up Candy Bag

For this Instructable, some of the parts can be substituted such as the laces (you might be able to use plastic strips and LED lights), but I'm not sure what to recommend to disperse the light inside the bag that would work much better than the milk jug. you can cut it into a more convenient shape if you want to make space for your candy but the light will become blocked or dim if you cut too much off.


  • Trick or treat bag
  • light up shoe laces
  • milk jug that fits inside the bag (and has space for candy)
  • electrical tape (optional but highly recommended)
  • fishing line
  • needle that fits fishing line

Step 1: Prepare and Mount the Laces

I was able to sublimate the image that I wanted onto my canvas, but you can use heat transfer vinyl or tape an image to the bag as a last resort. I would recommend using tape on both sides if you are doing this, and maybe even use the fishing line and needle to make sure it doesn't fall off during the night.

I am using two sets of laces for this project because I wanted to make sure it looked bright enough to appear on video, but it looks well lit with just once lace on one handle and one in the jug (centered for best light dispersion), or with just the handles if you just want to be seen and aren't too concerned with the image.

I put electrical tape along the top of the lights that go on the handle because they can be a little blinding in combination with the other lights. In the future I might try to figure out a way to cut a gallon onto a sheet so I can use the light on the handles to illuminate the entire side of the bag.

You can either wind the laces around the handle or sew them on with the fishing line if you want them to be on one side. For the canvas bag I used, the lace was too short so I wound it around and it looks much better this way.

Step 2: Prepare the Milk Jug

I used a small jug to test my idea and liked the look so I didn't test a bigger jug, but if you only want to make a display a bigger jug might give off better light. When I sublimated my second image I forgot to separate the bag so there is a shadow on the side I wanted to use, but you can still see the image pretty well.

Make sure the laces are wrapped around the handle of the jug at least once so the lights don't fall into the jug all the way. Adjust the base of the laces so that one is at the top and one at the bottom for best lighting. The laces I am using have 3 light modes, so I set one to solid and one to blinking and did the same for the handles.

Step 3: Go Out Trick or Treating and Test Your New Canvas Bag!

I used a canvas bag because I had a few left over from a previous order, but there are probably many fabrics that can be used for a project like this. I love to incorporate lights and glowing effects into my projects so Halloween is a really great occasion and should be a holiday. Heck, it should be a national day off for everyone to celebrate. But I digress.

Until next time!

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