Introduction: Canvas, Out of Plastic Sheets!

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So I have been thinking to make a canvas and with this plastic contest wanted to try out in plastic sheets so that layers of the painting is transparent and it’s gets a new colour whichever wall where it is mounted.

Let’s gets started with the tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

A4 plastic sheets (possibly bit thick)
Enamel paint
Marker pens
Sharp knife
Foam sheets (for creating decals, to fix on the surface of the paint layer)
Wood/cardboard sticks to create frame
Wood glue (to fix the edges of the wooden sticks)
Acrylic paints (to colour the decals)

Step 2: Prepare the Frame : Get the Supplies

First and foremost step is to prepare the frame.

In this tutorial, I have used wooden sticks so will detail about the instructions. As the plastic sheets are light weight anyone can go for cardboard as a frame.

These wooden sticks are not equal in length. So we need to make it in even length.

Step 3: Prepare the Frame : Make the Sticks Equal

In order to make the sticks equal, we may have to cut the unwanted length and sand the pieces to make it smooth and equal.

Step 4: Prepare the Frame : Arrange and Fix the Sticks Together

Once the sticks are made equal in length, I used pencil and ruler to mark the position of glue area and arranged the sticks to see which position of one to the another looks appropriate.

Then I used wooden (resin based) glue to fix the edges of the sticks.

Step 5: Paint the Canvas : Make an Outline With Marker

Once the frame is ready, we need to start to paint the canvas.

I am using thick plastic sheet as the canvas board here, on to which I would draw the particular picture.

Initially, I used Permanent marker to create square outline with the wooden frame in the sheet. Then used a marker pen to draw lines of the picture I wanted to make it. This will be the base, so that we could use paint confidently on the sheet, to create the picture.

Step 6: Paint the Canvas : Make the Picture, With a Marker Pen

Here we would use the Marker pen, to create overview of the picture which we wanted to do. Or if anyone is confident, they can directly draw the picture with appropriate paints.

Step 7: Paint the Canvas : Apply Colours

Now, to apply colour earlier I used acrylic paint. But after drying, it got wiped out by pressing tightly. So I switched to enamel paint as the colour coat along the marker lines.

Step 8: Complete the Canvas : Make the Decals With Foam Sheet

Along with the painting over the plastic sheet, I wanted to add some decoration along the wooden frame

So here, I use foam sheets to create layers of the objects which I wanted to attach to the wooden frame.

For the Buddha picture, I have drawn on the sheet I am adding few flowers, a full moon with clouds on it.

Step 9: Complete the Canvas : Fix the Sheet to the Frame

Once the painting is dried, now it’s time to fix the picture in the sheet onto the wooden frame.

I am using glue drops at the edges to attach the wooden frame with the plastic sheet.

Step 10: Work Is Completed!

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