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Introduction: Canvas Wall Frame

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Hello All

As usual , i like decorating my house and making it a nice and warm place to live in.

Soo , i went a head and bought a Canvas Painting from eBay ( it came in 2 pieces ) , a few long poles (2x2cm ) for the frame , bolts ,and some clear glue , and a strong staple gun


Step 1: Create the Frame

First , you need to spread the Canvas picture on the floor , apply some preasure on it using books, or wood plates in order for it to be straight ( since it`s came in this round tube ), - and leave it like this for a day or two

Now , after it`s straight and looks good - take measurements.

Step 2: Cut the Sides of the Canvas

The Canvas painting came with this narrow white frame, i had to cut it in order to fit the two pieces together

Step 3: Cut the Wood Poles

After you took the correct measurements , cut the long poles and connect each one using long bolts

Step 4: Place the Canvas on the Wood Boards

Since the Canvas painting came in two pieces , i have to attach them in the middle in order for the Canvas painting to be tight.

So for that, i placed an additional pole in the middle ( sort of ) .

and on that i attached both of the Canvas paper

Step 5: Start Using the Staple Gun

The best method that i could find at least was to use the Staple Gun .

It`s very strong and can hold a lot of weight ( sort of )

It took me more than 1 hour or so to staple it all , since when i staple it on one side , the other side won`t always hold it self , and sometimes it comes up not straight

Either way , prepare to be on you knees for a long time


Step 6: Add a Duck Tape to Wrap the Painting

Add a duck tape to wrap the painting ,and also , glue the middle of the Canvas painting ( where the two pieces come together )

Step 7: Paint the Frame

I chose to paint the frame the same color as my wall , it came great

Step 8: Add More Strength

I had to add some strength to the entire frame structure - so i add an additional two wood poles

Looks good

Step 9: Finish !


it came out very nice ..

Maybe a little big , but that`s fine with me ( during time we can get used to everything )


Hope you enjoy

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