Introduction: Canvas Bag to Maker Apron!

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Learn how to make a MakerCon maker's apron . . . for making!

If you're like me, you already have an overloaded pile of reusable bags. So when you get a free one, should you just add it to the pile? No, make an apron!

I used the sewing machines and tools at TechShop to make this!

Step 1: Ready Your Weapons

You will need:
• reusable bag
• seamripper
• fabric scissors
• home sewing machine
• thread
• pins
• iron
• fabric pencil
• clear ruler
But you could get the job done with just scissors, needle and thread if you had to.

Step 2: Tear It Up

Ideally your bag will have a similar construction to mine, and all you will need to do is turn it inside out and rip the seams on the sides.
You'll also want to remove just one of the handles. The other handle will be at the top.

Step 3: Iron It Out

This is kind of optional, but I wanted to remove the creases to avoid sewing it crooked.
If your bag has a screen printed design like mine, lightly iron it on the reverse side if necessary.

Step 4: Arm Cut-outs

Hold the fabric like you're wearing the apron, then fold over the corner to make some arm room. Pin it there, then iron the edge for a crisp fold. Draw a line an inch from the edge, then cut off the excess fabric past that line.
Then fold in half for symmetry, and do the other corner the same way.

Step 5: Sew the Sides.

Fold the sides over .5" twice, then pin and iron if you can't sew a straight line to save your life, like myself. Then sew along the edges.

Step 6: Sew Bottom Edge

Cutting the handles off compromised the stitch on this edge, so fold it over and cut the corners. Sew along the existing seams.

Step 7: Neck Tie

Cut the top handle in half. Or, if your handle is excessively long, cut out a section. Make sure you have enough strap to hang around your neck and still tie it.
Sew the cut edge to avoid fraying. Then fold a square over and box stitch it.

Step 8: Sew Waistband

Test the fit of your apron and use the cut off handle as a waistband. Pin or mark where it lays best.
Lay it out, make sure it's straight across and square.
Mark every 2 inches across, we will sew this too make tool holders. If it's not an even number across, just make sure it's centered and make the last second on either side a little bit bigger.
Then sew your marks down and back with a straight stitch twice. Then snew over it with a zigzag stitch with a small such length and width. Maybe sure it feeds consistently so you don't sew a big ball of thread.
Finally, fold over and box stitch the ends of the straps like you did with the neck strap.

Step 9: Done!

Hooray! Your clothes are now protected from coolant, small metal sparks, spaghetti sauce, sawdust or whatever else you're making.

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