Introduction: Canvas Lamp (shadow Effect)

This is a unique lamp. Basically, the paper can display many tones of black because it has many layers, the thicker the layer, the darker the tone. To create this effect, your paper must be extremely thin, I first try with copy paper but it is to thick to do the job perfectly
You should add a switch to control the lamp easier. I just ran out of switch so I planned to add it later when I got one

P.S: Sorry if my English is bad

Step 1: What You Need

- Layer patterns (I'll so you how to do it in step 2)
- Thin paper (what I use is kinda like tissue cover with wax)
- LED strip
- Cardboard
- Razor knife
- Tape
- Adapter 12V
- Some wire and solder equipment

Step 2: The Pattern

You going to need photoshop (or something similar) for this part. First, go to channel mixer and click on monochrome to make the image black and white. Then, go to levels and drag the left bar to number like 225 and drag the right bar to touch the left bar. You need to change the number, each smaller than the last, to make as much layer as you want (I use 200, 150, 100, 50 for the left bar).

If needed, you can a filter to minimize the noise (filter->noise->despeckle)

Step 3: Start Cutting

First cut a layer of paper that is a little bigger than the template (to glue to the frame later). Then tape the template in the back of the paper. Then you just need to remove the white part as much as you can (you don't need to worry much about small details). After you done one layer, glue it on the last layer.

If your layer have many pieces, cut out 1 piece and tape the edge to make it easier to cut other pieces. Also, to glue each piece perfectly, print another copy of the same layer and use it as template.

For the last layer, you can just use pencil and draw the pieces on the paper.

Step 4: Finishing the Cover

Cut another piece of the paper and crump it. Then just use stapler and stamp it together (you can use glue but only to the edges)

Step 5: Electrical Work

Cut out 4 piece from the LED strip. I can only get waterproof one so it need to be strip before soldering. Just add about 10 cm of wire between each piece. Then connect it to an adapter. When finish, peel of and tape the led in the back of the frame.

Step 6: The Frame

Cut out card board so that it will fit the cover. One piece will be in the front and couple of pieces in the back. At first, I only add 4 piece in the back but when I test it, the cover was to close so it look terrible. So I have to glue a stack of cardboard to the sides try to make it look better. When you satisfy with the result, glue the bottom piece to finish the lamp (I have to add 3cm thick cardboard layers to make it look fine).

You should cut so that the grain of the cardboard makes the light go around the room more (I make it goes up)

Step 7: Finish

Just plug in the electricity and test your lamp.

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