Introduction: Capacitive Stylus

This is a capacitive stylus you can use on non-ERM-digitized smartphones and tablets.

You will need a fully metallic ballpoint pen casing, a Q-Tip and a smartphone/tablet (a screen protector is strongly advised).


  1. Metal ballpoint pen casing
  2. Q-Tip
  3. Tablet/smartphone with protective foil

Step 1: Put It Together

Unscrew the ballpoint pen and insert the Q-tip. Push the cotton tip against the opening for the mine until it sits steady.

Step 2: Dip Into Water

Put the pen back together with the Q-tip inside. You need to keep the cotton wet, so dip the stylus every few minutes.

Step 3: Start Sketching

Install a Drawing app (like MediBang) and sketch with your new stylus. Dip it from time to time in water. Be careful to not scratch your screen, the Q-tip can loosen, and then the metal of the pen casing will come into contact with your phone.