Introduction: Capacitor Car

We followed this method to help figure out the way to build the Solar-powered Capacitor Car. We went through several early ideas until we came up with the idea for a 3D printed car. 

Step 1: The Chassis

We printed out the chassis using a 3D printer. The dimensions are as follows for the entire chassis. 5" x 3" (Open the file in Solidworks and 3D print)

Step 2: The Front Wheels

The front wheel (Click Here) is bought online at Pitsco Education. the diameter is 1.475 inches

Step 3: The Motor

We used a small erector set motor. Any small electric motor can be used. 

Step 4: The Capacitor

We used a small capacitor off of DigiKey. It is 5 volts and 1 farad. 

Step 5: The Switch

The Switch is a basic Honeywell snap-action switch (Click Here)

Step 6: The Back Wheels

The Back Wheels were designed on Solidworks and 3D printed. the diameter is 2.535 inches

Step 7: The Pulley Combination

We used a 4:1 pulley combination ( 2 inches to 0.5 inch) They 0.5 inch pulley piece is on the motor, with the larger piece on the rear axle. 

Step 8: The Front and Rear Axle

The length of the rear axle is 5.36 inches and the front axle is 5 inches long. We took welding rods and lathed them until they fit into the holes.(About 1.6 inch diameter)

Step 9: The Final Product

Combine all the parts as shown in the final picture. Charge the capacitor and watch it go!