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Introduction: Capaldi Doctor Costume

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This halloween, I want to go as Capaldi from Doctor Who. I thought about the costume for a bit and most of it is just dress clothes so I didn't think this would be to hard to pull off. I hope this instructable provides information, inspiration, and ideas for your own costume this ye

Step 1: The Coat

The coat is probably the hardest part of this whole costume. My first thought was to sew it but thats no easy task. I ended up looking through thrift shops for a black suit coat with a red silk lining. I actually found one for $7 and bought it immediately. Another option for the coat would be to buy the black suit coat and hot glue or sew red silk inside it. The only problems I had with my coat were the fact that Capaldi's coat is pretty long (almost like a trench coat) and that my collar didn't exactly look right. I couldn't do much for the length of the coat but I could give the illusion that it's a trench coat. What I did was I re-ironed my collar to a different length, making it appear shorter so that the rest of the coat would seem longer. This was fairly easy to do. I just pinned it in place and ironed it down. Next I sewed another button just under the collar to match Capaldi's coat. And that was it for the suit coat.

Step 2: The Other Articles of Clothing

The rest of the outfit consists of black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a vest. I had all of these lying around so this wasn't a big deal. Once I had pieced together the outfit, I topped it off with a pair of dress shoes.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches!

Last for my costume was the sonic screwdriver, which I had purchased for $25. I also sprayed my hair gray and white for a costume party I had went to and talked with a strong scottish accent. Please comment with any ideas and check out the rest of my page!

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    Very nice costume! I love the Tardis doors in the background! The choice of coat and shirt is stellar, it looks perfect!