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Introduction: Caprese Pagoda

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Tomato Mozz salad done Texas style. Over the Top and Out of Control.


Fresh Large Tomato
Fresh Large Mozzarella(Ovoline)
Fresh washed basil(Small leaves are better)
Grissini(thin bread-sticks)
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt & Pepper

With such few ingredients and simplicity, using quality foods is neccasary. Don't be a Cheap Skate and buy Pure Oil, If you don't have good EVOO, nows the time. If you've never spent $30 on balsamic, make a trip to Whole Foods. I'm using Trader Joe equivalents that are a quarter the price and only slightly inferior. Fine for me.

Step 1: Prep the Stuff

Wash the things, Be sure to dry the basil as best you can. Dry everything as best you can. Keep a dry cutting board and work area. Dry, Dry, Dry.

Step 2: Start Stacking

Pre-punch holes in everything so they slide onto the main Mast easily. Use a slight amount of salt on the tomato's as you go. A small drizzle of Oil & Vinegar on each layer of Mozzarella. Fill the gap in the grissini bedding layer made by the main mast with another half breakstick. Presentation is as important as taste here.

Breakstick snaps at 1:25 into the video when I try to recenter it. I should have left it leaning or taking more care when adjusting it.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Remember to always wipe the rim of the plate. Even if its just for your kids, spouse, or in-laws. A clean edge makes everything taste better, A decorative sprig of basil at the top that say "Hey, Garnish you should eat!"

Step 4: Enjoyment

I hope you've got a friend to share this with. Enjoy with wine, beer, water, or soda. It doesn't matter so long as you LIKE IT. Don't ever let foody douche's try and tell you to enjoy something you don't like. Pair with whatever you like, and eat however you feel. I used my hands. Even in a "fancy" eatery, I'd prefer finger food to trying and figure out how to eat something like this with silverware. DON'T EVER LET PRETENTIOUS FOOD SNOBS TELL YOU HOW TO EAT. So long as it goes in your mouth and out the other way, it's all good. :)

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thx. It's alot of fun too. To make and to eat.