Introduction: Capri Sun Bag


  • 1 Hot Glue Gun
  • Rolling Pin
  • 1 Packets Glue Stick for the Hot Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Small Towel
  • Pack of wipes


  • 1 Box of Capri Sun (any flavor)
  • 1 Roll of Colored Duct Tape (color does not matter)
  • 1 Role of Scotch Tape
  • 1 Desk/Flat Surface to Work on Sewing Thread (any color)
  • Fabric of your choice


The hot glue gun is a hazard. Use precaution when handling the tip of the glue gun when it is heated. Be aware of hot glue once it is released from the gun; let the glue cool before touching. Do not leave the glue gun unattended or on a flammable surface. Handle scissors with care.

Step 1: Purchase the Tools and Materials Stated Above

Step 2: Empty Capri Sun Pouches

Taking one box, remove all of the capri suns. Empty all of the liquid from pouches of capri suns.

To do this, puncture the hole located at the top of the pouch with the attached straw. Drain the capri sun into either a pitcher for later, or dispose down the sink.

Step 3: Lay the Small Towel Flat on a Flat, Hard Surface.

Step 4: Remove Excess Liquid With a Rolling Pin and Create a Panel

Take 3 capri sun pouches and place each side-by-side horizontally, facing the label of the pouches down.

Take three pieces of scotch tape, each about 1 inch long, and attach two pieces (vertically) on either side of the middle capri sun to secure the pouches on the sides. This will connect the row of three capri suns. Take the rolling pin and starting from the bottom of the three connected pouches, roll upwards towards the top of the pouches. Perform this motion several times to remove excess liquid.

Step 5: REPEAT Step 4 Using the Same Amount of Capri Sun Pouches

Step 6: Configure the Bottom of the Bag

Next, take 2 capri sun pouches and align horizontally; each capri sun pouch should be facing downward.

Take two piece of scotch tape, about 1 inch long, and tape the pouches vertically. Take the rolling pin and starting from the bottom of the two connected pouches, roll upwards towards the top of the pouches. Perform this motion several times to remove excess liquid.

Step 7: Clean Each Panel

After all capri sun pouches are rolled and the excess liquid is removed, use a wipe to remove any sticky residue from the pouches. Use the small towel to dry the pouches if damp from the wipe.

Step 8: Attaching Panels

Lay the towel down flat again. Configure the panels as shown above.

Connect each seam with scotch tape to create the skeleton of the bag. To do this, tape the two lone pouches on the side horizontally ( use two pieces of scotch tape each 1 inch long). For the middle pouches, tape vertically (use two pieces of scotch tape each 1 inch long for each pouch, as shown above). Use images above as a reference for further clarification.

Step 9: Configure the Bag

Fold one side of a three panel capri sun side upward along with one of the pouches on the side. Taking three pieces of tape, tape the three panel side to the lone capri sun so it is sticking upward (tape horizontally). Use three pieces of tape for each new seam.

Perform this action for the opposite side, so a rectangular shape is formed.

Step 10: Use Duct Tape to Reinforce the Bag

Measure a piece of duct tape to be 12 inches long, and cut. In total, you will need eight pieces of 12 inch strips of duct tape.

Starting from one of the three pouch panels, align the duct tape over the scotch tape skeleton from the outside to the inside to provide a sturdy connection (as shown above). Perform this to the other side. Repeat this process with the corners of the bag.

To reinforce the bottom of the bag, cut two pieces of duct tape each 11 inches long, put the tape on the bottom as shown above. Cut two pieces of duct tape, each 3.5 inches long and put on the short sides of the bag as shown above.

Step 11: Creating the Strap

Measure one piece of fabric each about 24 inches long and 10.5 inches wide to make the strap for the bag.

Take the fabric and fold until it is about 2 inches inches wide and stays exactly 24 inches long.

Step 12: Configure the Strap

Hot glue gun the two sides together so there is no opening, as shown above. Also, glue each end of the fabric to close any openings as shown above. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 13: Attach Strap to Bag

Taking 2 inches of the end of the fabric, hot glue gun one end of the fabric to the inside of the pouch (in the center). So, about two inches of the fabric should be glued to the inside of the capri sun bag, as shown above. Repeat on the opposite side to attach the strap/fabric fully.

Step 14: Let Glue Dry, and Then You Have a Capri Sun Bag!