Introduction: Capsule-toy Vending Machine

Would you like to play this toy which is full of interesting things for you?

You can enjoy playing capsule toy vending machine many times for free because you don’t have to buy anything to make it. In addition, you need not to go outside to get a fantastic toy. Furthermore, you can hold more exciting and fantastic party by making this capsle toy.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Gather materials.
Paper cartons、Cardboard boxes、Packing tape、A PET bottle and its cap、Plastic container、A plastic file holder、Capsules、Paper 、Origami paper、Wrapping paper Tape、Scissors、A cutter、colored pens、A ruler

Step 2: Cut to Size

Measure the size of a cardboard box with a ruler into 21 cm wide, 30 cm long and 15 cm high. Then cut it. Put all pieces together with packing tape to make a box.
Cut two paper cartons in 21 cm to fit the cardboard box firmly.

Step 3: Cut Paper Cartons

Cut the center of both sides of one paper carton so that capsules go through the hole well and the whole of one side of the other paper carton.
Then, attach a cut side to the paper carton whose whole of one side was cut off like a slope.

Step 4: Cut a PET Bottle

Make a hole on a PET bottle in the same place as the hole of the paper carton so that the capsules can come into the bottle. The size of the hole is a square 6 cm.
Then, stuff the PET bottle with papers to prevent more than two capsules from coming into the PET bottle at once.

Step 5: Cut the Cardboard Box and Make a Hole on a Container

Cut the one side of the cardboard box into a square 7 cm on a side to fit a paper carton, and make a hole in the papercardboard box to fit the size of a PET bottle cap over the hole.

Make a hole on the bottom of a plastic container with a cutter in order to make capsules go through.

Step 6: Make a Lid

Measure the cardboard to fit the plastic container and cut. Then make a lid of the plastic container by taping it on.

Step 7: Put All Parts Together

Put the paper carton whose whole of one side is cut into the cardboard box.
Put the bottle into the paper carton which capsules can go through, and set the paper carton into the cardboard box. Fix the plastic container on the top of the cardboard box with packing tape. After that, cover it with the lid made of the cardboard box.

Step 8: Make Sure to Move Capsles Well

Fasten the sticks of ice cream to the four
corners of the hole made on the plastic container. The sticks prevent capsules from coming into the PET bottle at once. Then, put four curled plastics made of a plastic file holder on the both side of the container. After that, put other plastics on them to make slopes.

Step 9: Make Prizes of the Toy

In our own case, Fold paper into the figure of a crane. Make around 10 paper cranes. Then, put paper cranes into each capsule. After that, put the capsules into the capsule toy.
Finally, put capsules into the capsule toy vending machine and cover it with the lid.

Step 10: Decorate the Toy

Decorate the cardboard box of the capsule toy vending machine which you have put together with white paper. It's fine even if you use paper that is printed on one side and also the PET bottle cap and the paper carton of the toy with paper.
Decorate the front of the capsule toy with wrapping paper and colored pens in order to make the toy gorgeous.

After decorating it as much as you want, you can play it many times. You shold propose playing this toy when you hold a party. You can enjoy playing it with your friends.